6 Unique Ways to Grow Affiliate Income on Your Blog

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Kareem Mohammad 2 years ago

Are you trying to make money off your blog, perhaps an affiliate income?

You know you can capitalize on what you enjoy doing – running a blog.  That’s why you’re reading marketing-related materials, and wondering how.

How to get a little more traffic. How to improve conversions. How to increase your affiliate income.

You needn’t wonder anymore.

Here are 6 proactive ways to make the most out of your affiliate partnerships.

1. Host Webinars

host a webinar to increase affiliate income

You’ve likely signed up to 3 or 4 email lists, which means you probably get a dozen or so webinar invites per year. And you don’t mind it – these webinars are always filled with free and useful information.

With so many of these webinars being held, you have to wonder – what does the host get out of it? The answer, as you may have guessed, is simple: affiliate income.

These free training sessions always end with a sales pitch. And as a consumer and a marketer, we’re okay with it. The information given before the pitch was relevant to you. More significantly, the product they’re advertising can truly help you.

So how you can use this technique to get more affiliate sales? Here’s how –

      1. Reach out to the person you’re affiliated with.

      2. Discuss with them the potential for a free training session, outlining how it can benefit them.

      3. Once they’ve agreed, publicize it on your mailing list.

      4. Host the webinar. Ensure that it actually benefits your audience. The entire thing should not be a sales pitch. If it has no value to offer your audience, don’t do it.

      5. Drop the sales pitch only at the end. Promote the product/service using your own experience with it.

Then you can reap the benefits of providing your audience with plenty of value, with better performing affiliate marketing sales.

2. Create Video Series

Create video series to increase affiliate income

Video series are frequently used for product launches. They visually connect with your audience – and that can be highly impactful.

You’ve likely seen it in action already, but a few good recent examples would be Jeff Goins’ book launch & Danny Iny’s Course Builder launch.

Here’s how it works. A series of videos is emailed to subscribers over the course of a few days or weeks. These videos offer useful, actionable content. They tackle issues that your product/service helps with.

At the end of the series, your product is pitched to the subscribers. Usually with a summary video explaining how the product is relevant to the problems solved before.

This technique can also be used to grow affiliate income. Except instead of promoting your own product, it’d be your affiliate’s.

Make sure that the video series is resourceful, whether they buy the product or not.  

Alternatively, you can reach out to your affiliate and ask them to produce a free video series. You can explain how it will benefit them if they sped efforts on creating it, and promote it on your social sharing channels.

3. Offer Free Extras

offer free gifts to increase affiliate income

It doesn’t have to be lavish.

A small ebook. An email course. An infographic. Something of that nature.

Give away your own product to those who’re buying your affiliate program. It can coax people to overlook the loss aversion mindset. 

The buy-X-get-Y technique is used everywhere. It works. Even if they’re not exactly sure if they need what they’re getting for free – people seem to want free things, simply because it’s free. 

And if they’re at all interested in the initial product – they’ll be even more inclined to buy it now, now that they perceive to be getting more value for what they’re paying.

That can boost your affiliate income, and that’ll be your bonus.

4. Write Case Studies

If you’ve become an affiliate, you probably hold their product to be good, and efficient.

But if you’re to convince others who’ve never used the product to use it too, they need hard evidence.

write case studies to increase affiliate income

So, take time out of your schedule, use the product/service yourself.

Create a detailed breakdown of its use ad benefits. No sales pitch, no stretching the truth, just an objective analysis.

If the product truly has value to offer your blog audience, just this should win your readers over. Your audience will find your case study useful as they can learn from it. They can now know what they have in store, before they buy the product.  

Your honesty and analysis can incentivize them to buy your affiliate’s product, all just because of your case study.

5. Use Retargeting

use retargeting to increase affiliate income

Here’s a common event.

People click on your affiliate link, and stare at the option they have. Then the window is promptly closed for now reason, and a new window is under the threat of being closed.

This can grind many a blogger’s gears.

Visitors may do so with the idea that they’ll re-visit your affiliate’s product in the future. However, they may also forget to.

With retargeting, you can bring them right back.

Retargeting is currently a growing trend. It involves placing a cookie on to those who click on your affiliate link. If they fail to purchase, they’ll see the ad for your affiliate product elsewhere on the internet, as a reminder, to go and purchase it.

This way there’s no chance that they’ll forget.

If you want to know more about, check out ReSocially.

6. Use Promo Boxes

use plugmatter promo box plugin to increase affiliate income

There is no doubt – you’ve seen promo boxes used on almost every blog you’ve ever visited.

Yet, so many people forget to use them in their own blogs and posts. Even though there’s little that sells a product better than a contextually placed promo box.

Don’t do the same mistake. Take full advantage of promo boxes.

The key to making an effective promo box, is for it to jump out at your reader whilst reading your post, making a relevant pitch about your affiliate’s product.

You can do this by having the color of the promo box be in contrast with the background color of your blog.

In fact, you can do that, and much more with our Plugmatter Promo Box plugin. Using it. you can create almost any kind of promo box, customize it, and easily put up on your blog.

One or two per post, is a sound good rule of thumb. Too many, and you readers might end up skipping over the promo boxes altogether.

So, you don’t have to wait anymore. These quality affiliate income techniques can make you much more affiliate revenue, than if you haven’t implemented them.

It’s time you do.  

If you find these affiliate marketing tips to be useful, please share this post. If you have more affiliate marketing tips that work well for you, sound off in the comments below!

About Kareem Mohammad

Kareem is a marketing [email protected] and a learner who loves to read and explore new things when he isn’t working and lives by the mantra - don't wish for it, work for it.

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