6 Handy WordPress Editing Plugins

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Kareem Mohammad 2 years ago

How long should it take you to create content for your WordPress site?

One hour? Two hours?

Turns out, Seth Godin takes only around 15 minutes to write his articles. But his reading and research can take up to 16 hours per day.

That’s because creating great content, takes a long time.

Is it possible to somehow hasten the process? At least at the editing-publishing stage? Are there nifty tools for content editing and publishing to do so?

Of course there are.

Here are six such WordPress editing plugins speed up your content editing and publishing.

1. The Plugmatter Document Importer

best editing plugins plugmatter document importer plugin

What if I told you that you needn’t ever re-edit your post, even after uploading it on to the WordPress editor?

The Plugmatter Document Importer plugin lets you do exactly that.

It imports your content along with all the formatting, adds images to your gallery, along with links, bullet points and more. WordPress users like you can save an enormous amount of time while publishing.

So, using this plugin, all of your links stay in place. Your images get resized for you. Bullet points are created smoothly. Formatting is retained. Your time is saved.

2. Zedity

zedity wordpress plugin

Format beautiful posts with The Zedity WordPress plugin – without any knowledge of code.

Many WordPress users don’t know how to code, and some WordPress plugins require you to know coding. This lets them create posts and pages as well as any programmer.

The plugin allows you to create text boxes, images and videos. You can even modify the color of your posts.

You know a little bit about coding, and want to use your knowledge?

The plugin lets you edit HTML code, to make further customizations as you see fit. So the plugin can be used by both beginners and pros.

3. WP Edit

wpedit wordpress plugin

The WP Edit plugin takes your existing content editor, and amps it up with useful new features.

Many ediging plugins come with editor enhancements, but this one stands out for quite a few reasons.

To start, the plugin lets you create tables with a graphical interface. It has a drag-and-drop interface for you to customize your rows of editor buttons. Shortcodes can be used to adjust columns or add buttons. Additional editor buttons include Insert Media, Search and Replace, Subscript and more.

The plugin is feature-rich, enough for most bloggers’ needs.

4. Mammoth Converter

The Mammoth Converter is a WordPress plugin that converts your .docx files into HTML.

Although not too well-known, it does do its job efficiently.

Everything is supported. From headings to lists, and images to links. When you make a document in Word, you don’t have to worry about formatting everything again, after transferring it into WordPress.

Especially suited if you run a blog with multiple writers. You may mostly receive submissions in the .docx format, and without such a plugin, you’d have to reformat all of those again.

5. Frontend Text Customizer

front end text customizer wordpress plugin

Move around and customize all of your website text with The Frontend Text customizer. From the frontend. Without any coding knowledge. You can even see a live preview of the changes you make, without having to hit the Preview button again and again.

The plugin has the option for you to play around with around 650 font styles – more than many premium themes that come with Google Fonts.

You have endless branding options with those many fonts.  You can even modify the text on templates from other plugins. Imagine buying a plugin only to realize that its font options are limited. With this plugin you needn’t worry about that.

6. Essential Grid WordPress Plugin

essential grid wordpress plugin

Essential Grid is one the most versatile WordPress plugins. Using it, you can build and modify pages and posts, using skins and a skin editor.

To start, the plugin includes over 30 skins, with demo data letting you transform the way your pages look within a few seconds.

Users particularly enjoy the media features, which assist in including images, videos and iFrame content. You can drop a quick YouTube video into any of the skins, for let’s say, a product preview.

The plugin works with responsive themes. You can design your own skins. Create pricing tables, services, videos grids, etc. The features are plenty, and plentifully relevant.

With these WordPress editing plugins, you are well on your way to becoming an efficient WordPress content creator. Plugins won’t get you great content – that’ll be the result of your conscious efforts. But if you do have great content planned, then you deserve useful editing plugins that work for you to work smoother.

If you have questions about these plugins, or have recommendations of your own, please leave us a comment in the section below!

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