Document Importer Update: Import Content from Dropbox to WordPress in Just One Step

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Mohiuddin 2 years ago

What a beginning it has been for the Plugmatter Document Importer plugin in 2016. The plugin not only became our most-selling plugin by overtaking the Optin Feature Box sales but also our first plugin to get interesting feature updates this new year.

The plugin has definitely evolved from being one of the hottest ways to save time for the bloggers to gradually making ways into the academicians trying to publish complicated content structure into their WordPress sites.

Now, after this Document Importer update, using the plugin to import content to your WordPress site just became simpler.

Document Importer users can now get their content imported to WordPress Dashboard simply by adding their MS Word i.e., their .docx files to Dropbox. More on this below…

How It Worked Earlier

Earlier, our users used to import their blog post using Dropbox clicking on the Dropbox icon inside the plugin and manually importing the .docx file from Dropbox.

Okay, that doesn’t sound really time consuming, does it?

Well, that process has been simplified further.

What we thought could be improved…

We wanted to save our users time further even though the current time wasn’t really a problem but it was something that increased the number of steps importing a document from Dropbox.

To elaborate on it, earlier, when the document that was created on MS Word and saved on Dropbox, users had to manually login to Dropbox and import it.

Yikes, we wanted to simplify it further.

How it Works Now

We cut down the step of importing the document from Dropbox by logging-in and then creating a post by selecting , importing that particular document.

All they have to do now is just add their MS WORD file in the Dropbox app folder. Yes, you read that right.

The document automatically gets saved as a draft in WordPress dashboard titled as your MS Word file name, the moment you save it on your Dropbox.

This cuts short the the user’s time significantly allowing him to just review the draft and publish, isn’t it awesome?

How It Works (The Behind the Scenes)

Webhooks Introduction

Honestly, this awesome feature wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing Dropbox API,  “webhooks” to be more specific.

How to Set Up

Setting it up is honestly a piece of cake. First, the user will have to create an APP in Dropbox Developers console and get the following:

  1. APP Name
  2. APP Key
  3. APP Secret
  4. Access Token

All the above values should be entered in the Plugmatter Document Importer settings page under the “DropBox WebHook Settings” to start using this feature.  once all the values are entered in settings page of the plugin then you can see the feature working in action.

Dropbox webhook settings in Document Importer

You can find the step by step user guide to create APP here. Once you create an APP successfully then an “APP folder” is created in your Dropbox in which you can find the subfolder which is named after your APP.

And you are done!

Simply add the post documents inside this folder and see the magic.

In layman’s terms, the way it works in the backend is – whenever a new file is added in App folder inside Dropbox, webhooks feature updates us, then we authorize the app and download the newly created .docx file.

And then process it using our plugin to create a post inside WordPress.

If you still find it difficult to debug contact our support team we are always their to help you.

Dropbox API Log


In conclusion, this Document Importer update is all about improving the functionality of plugin’s speed of execution and helping bloggers of WordPress industry using our Plugmatter  Document Importer Plugin.

About Mohiuddin

Md Gulam Mohiuddin is a senior developer at Plugmatter who loves PHP and WordPress. Taking new challenging is his passion and enjoys reading and cooking in free time.

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