8 Smart Ways to Target Your Audience for Email Segmentation

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Syed Naimath 2 years ago

MailChimp, the ultra popular email service company, looked at over 9 million emails

They wanted to see if segmentation had any effect on email open rates.

The results? A 14.4% spike in open rates, if the emails were sent to a segmented list.

The truth is out, and in plain sight. It’s all about segmentation.  Segmenting your list is one of the most crucial aspects of running an online business. 

That’s said, but not yet done. How do you go about segmented list building?

Here are detailed insights into 8 of the smartest ways to target your audience, for email segmentation. 

1. Create a Unique Feature Box for Specific Kinds of Posts

Plugmatter Feature box Plugin lets you cater to different tastes

Image credit – Stockvault

Suppose some of your readers only want an endless supply ofweb design tips.

In this case, you can let them know that you can offer what they want – in exchange for their email address.

People may crave posts about very different, particular topics. The more accurately you cater to their individual wants, the more reliable you are perceived to be.

You can do email segmentation beautifully, with our Plugmatter Feature Box plugin. It lets you breakdown the features of your offer’s features (in the case above: tips on many topics), into a list.

Your readers can then view their options (example: design tips, coding tips, blogging tips, etc.).

Then you can ask them what kind of posts they want to receive. And based on their interests, segment your email list, sending them content they truly want

2. Allow Users to Target Different Sections of Your Site

row of targets

Image credit – stneotsbowmen.co.uk

From forums to services to exclusive content, the different sections of your website can guide how you segment your list.

Your visitors can be targeted on these sections.

Consider this – let’s say that you run a health blog.

You provide a forum for users to discuss eating options. A video course section featuring workout videos. A blog with expert roundups and tips for a healthy lifestyle.

A visitor comes to your website, exclusively interested in your forum, and not much else.

If you kept sending him emails about new videos, he’s bound to find your emails as bothersome.

Segmentation is key to keeping subscribers happy, by sending out content they want to consume.

3. Target Readers Who Come From Different Sources

traffic junction

Image source: AdelaideNow

Has your visitor come from Twitter or Facebook

Or are they coming from a guest post

Your Twitter followers could be interested only in how-to’s. People from your guest post may want only broad industry insights.

To heed to your subscribers’ preferences, segment your list based on your where your audience is from. And then send each segment a unique set of emails.

4. Target People Who Are Interested in Your Services or Products

1000 rupees

Image source – Freeimages

Most freelance writers create blogs to build up a readership.

However, many also want to sell their products/services, to potential clients.

What’d happen if you send out a blast email about your writing services, to your blog subscribers?

They’ll most likely delete your email; or even unsubscribe, since it is slightly spammy and irrelevant to them.

So, separate your clients and customers from your regular readers. You can further differentiate your income sources by segmenting according to the multiple services, products, blogs and other content on your site.

5. Reach Out to Readers Who Only Want Rich Exclusive Content

VIP pass

Image source – Freepik

Exclusive content is money-making content.

Lots of blogs offer much of the content for free. Their blog posts are meant to educate visitors, potentially lead them to paid content.

Let’s say you run an SEO blog with free content. You also have a few eBooks advertised on one of your pages. Your blog readers are not always going to show interest in paying you money for ebooks.

So separate paying customers from the rest of your audience, and schedule further product promotions only for this list. Make your life easier.

6. Building a List of People Who Are Interested in Joining Your Community

join a community

Image source – 123rf

Forum users and chat community members are entirely different from your regular blog subscribers.

Users who talk to each other in your community are almost like your groupies.

They’ll follow you to the ends of the earth, speaking praises about your company/website.

These people deserve special, personalized treatment.

That is, even more exclusive content that even paying subscribers won’t receive. Segmenting your VIP followers is essential if you want to grow a business built on loyalty.

7. Only Target Those Who Want to Find/Post Job Listings

job posting

Image source – Shutterstock

Problogger’s Job Board is a place for bloggers to find jobs, and for companies to post job listings.

The job board is a huge success, attracting thousands of visitors on the daily.

The website of course, is not known exclusively for this; it’s known for being a rich resource for all kinds of bloggers.

It’s important to note that folks who look at the job board, have different purposes when using your website.

Make sure you segment your list to target those who are willing to pay you for a job listing. They’d require details and updates that others from your audience would not. 

8. Accumulate Emails From Those Who Are Interested in Joining Your Class or Web Series

yoga for men

Image source – Manchester Buddhist Centre

Classes and webinars are effective money-making endeavors.

There’s no reason to keep subscribers who participate in them, on the same list as those who simply skim through your blog at times.

Why focus on them? 

You can push more frequent reminders/updates about your webinars or web series to them. Or follow up with them more often.

Do the same with a regular reader, they may get annoyed at your relentless reminders.


Maintain a curious mind when it comes to the email segmentation process.

And take the time to think about how you can target your followers better. Wherever you see value in providing to your subscribers based on –

Do so. The more relevant your emails seem to your audience, the more they’re likely to become your customers/loyal readers, and spread word of your efforts.

If you have any questions about emails segmentation, an opinion/addition to the points mentioned here – sound off in the comments below!

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