How to Use LeadBoxes from LeadPages to Grow Your List

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Syed Naimath 2 years ago

Can you think of a fast way to increase your email list conversion rate by 30%?

It’s not an easy feat. 

But suing Leadboxes, it can be.

Introduced in December of 2013, LeadBoxes from LeadPages provides a two-step optin processes on your website. Even on links that you place on other websites.

The two-step opt-in process – i.e., a click on the CTA, and then a popup – is converts far better than other traditional optin methods.

What’s more, is that our Plugmatter Optin Feature Box plugin supports LeadBoxes. This means that bloggers using the Feature Box plugin can integrate LeadBoxes with any feature box they create.

But how do you use LeadBoxes to grow your list? Read on to find out.

The Importance of the Two Step Optin Form

LeadPages says LeadBoxes can increase your conversion rate by 30%.

That number came out a long time ago. So after testing and tweaking, the company discovered that their best use of the two-step optin process yielded a 60% increase in newsletter subscriptions.

Two-step optin forms work because they cut out the steps for people to subscribe.

It also keeps them on the same page, and ensures that you can place your link to the popup box anywhere you want.

LeadBoxes are vastly different from average email subscription forms. It allows you to post an email subscription form wherever you can place a link, such as on a guest post, or in an author bio, etc.

Many bloggers write guest posts to drum up interest for their own blogs. And for that purpose, the popup form is especially handy as it is on the very page of the guest post.  

Popular Bloggers Using LeadBoxes

LeadPages tool has been on the market for some time now. It’s no surprise that some of the top bloggers in the world are taking advantage of it.

To start, Pat Flynn of the Smart Passive Income Blog is a known advocate of LeadBoxes.

So is Bryan Harris of VideoFruit –

videofruit using leadboxes

As is, Adam Connell of BloggingWizard –

blogging wizard using leadboxes

Finally, the content creation machine that is Kim Roach of BuzzBlogger also uses LeadBoxes. 

Kim Roach Using LeadBoxes

Popular LeadBox Templates

LeadBoxes comes with various templates, or layouts, so that you don’t have to design them. You can focus on more crucial things, like the copy, and deciding the position. 

template 2

The layout above is an effective option. It includes the “percentage complete” portion, prompting people to finish the process they started.

A friendly visual of what the visitor will get, and a bright, yellow CTA box, incentivize signing up.

template 3

Sometimes big and bold is the best policy, and this layout has just that. The part that stands out the most for this template is the checkbox asking if users want to be included in weekly emails.

Template 1

This is an interesting layout that looks similar to one we highlighted above, except it focuses on a quick signup. Only a single field exists, to enter an email address.

Since people usually read from left-to-right and shift to the line below, this layout proves effective. The main description is at the top, then the email entry field, and finally the CTA button.

Tips on How to Use Leadboxes

Leadboxes is intergrated into many optin plugins. It’s an easy task with our Plugmatter Optin Feature Box.

Remember, since you’re integrating with a feature box, you can list the features/benefits of your offering at first. Visitors will be further persuaded to join your email list.

Here’s how LeadBoxes works –

Step 1: Select CTA Button to view CTA box templates.

selecting CTA in the template

Step 2: Enter your LeadBoxes URL in the Action URL field. 

using lead boxes in feature box

And that’s it.

Your optin feature box is now fully compatible with LeadBoxes.

What Are Some Other Cool Tips for LeadBoxes?

We talked about using LeadBoxes on your guest posts. Another reason it works is because readers have it easier that way. They don’t have to  go to an entirely new website just to sign up. 

1) Customize the look and feel of your LeadBox to match your brand. If you have red in your logo, consider having red in your LeadBox.

2) Consider using tracking codes like Google Analytics. Along with LeadBoxes, you’d have mastered the ultimate data collection process.

3) Bring in more subscribers and attendees with LeadBoxes, if you host webinars using GoToWebinar.

4) For further promotion, paste your LeadBoxes link on a blog/website that readily accepts HTML links.

5) Try the link in a sidebar, or inside a blog post, to make it appear more natural and less intimidating for your readers.

That’s it for learning how to use LeadBoxes to grow your optin subscribers. Let us know in the comments if you have used LeadBoxes in the past, and how it’s worked out for you!

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