16 Popular Bloggers Who Rely On Feature Box for List Building Success

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Mustafa Khundmiri 4 years ago

An Optin Feature Box for WordPress blogs is the new sensation in the blogosphere. With many popular bloggers relying on it for their list building success, the concept of a non-intrusive email optin form is gradually picking up. Here’s a list of popular bloggers with thousands of traffic that use a feature box optin on their blogs.

1. Jon Morrow


Jon Morrow, the well-known blogger at Copyblogger and blogger at BoostBlogTraffic.com also uses a beautiful feature box on his blog. Jon who has a muscular dystrophy called SMA which has taken away his ability to move his entire body but face. For his blog posts, he uses a speech recognition  software, Dragon NaturallySpeaking. In spite of not having normal lifestyle, he managed to build one of the biggest blogs and is among the leading bloggers in the industry, which is quite inspirational. Jon using an optin feature box just proves how powerful a tool it is, for email list building.

2. Derek Halpern


Derek Halpern, founder of Social Triggers – a blog where he teaches sales, marketing and psychology – was perhaps the first blogger to use an Optin Feature Box on his Thesis based blog. Since Derek was also marketing Thesis, he even promoted and shared some stats on how this non-intrusive optin form boosted his email subscriptions.

3. Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is one of the most popular Facebook marketing experts on the web. A social media strategist, co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies, Amy also uses a Feature Box on her site’s homepage, making it an primary list building tool for her. The WordPress Feature Box Optin form on her blog is definitely one of the best-designed feature boxes we found.

4. John Lee Dumas

 Optin Feature Box for WordPress

John Lee Dumas is the podcast guy. He realized the potential podcasting probably earlier than anyone else did. John uses a simple, feature box, that blends perfectly with his blog’s homepage. John was kind enough to recommend Plugmatter Feature Box plugin to his Twitter followers.

5. Yaro Starak


Yaro Starak is an Australia based online entrepreneur, blogger and podcaster who uses an optin feature box for his popular blog Entrepreneurs Journey. Yaro is known for blogging and online money making expertise. On his blog, Yaro teaches how you can start your own business, how to make your blog a success and how to make money online.

6. Craig Jarrow 

Craig Jarrow is the founder of Time Management Ninja, one of most popular productivity blogs on the Internet. Craig, unlike other bloggers who use an optin feature box only on their homepage, uses it throughout the website. And, as per his own words, the addition of an Optin Feature Box increased his subscriptions dramatically. Craig uses Plugmatter Feature Box plugin for his blog.

7. James Hahn

James Hahn II

James Hahn is a well-known name in the social media and online marketing industry with expertise in online marketing for oil and gas companies. James is also an affiliate marketer, a speaker and thought leader in the online marketing sector. He also uses our very own plugin to have an optin feature box for his blog. James is a definite go-to guy for any help in traffic generation, online marketing, becoming a thought leader.

8. David Risley 

David Risley needs no introduction in the blog marketing industry. He’s a blogger, a coach and the creator of Academy Business System, a popular business building program. David uses an optin feature box that looks absolutely stunning on his BlogMarketingAcademy.com. For anything blogging, he is the man to go to.

9. Tom Ewer

Tom Ewer

Tom Ewer of Leaving Work Behind is a blogger, affiliate marketer and traffic generation expert. Tom, who started around three years ago, with his hard work and valuable insights to the readers and clients. Tom has been featured in LifeHacker, Freelance Switch, and ProBlogger Blogger to Watch. Tom also relies on an Optin Feature Box for his list building success.

10. Ana Hoffman


Ana Hoffman of TrafficGeneractionCafe.com is an traffic generation expert in list building, social media traffic, search engine traffic and traffic conversion. Though Ana Hoffman has no blogposts on her website’s homepage, the feature box optin looks quite great. Ana’s work is recommended by other popular bloggers in the industry like Kristi Hines and Yaro Starak. So, for all your traffic generation woes, you can always turn to Ana.

11. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is among the most popular women bloggers who teach online marketing, business and success coach. Maries uses a beautifully-designed feature box both on her personal blog as well as her yearly business coaching program – The Marie Forleo’s B-School. Anyway, for all business insights and learn how to build a successful online business, you now know who to turn to. Right?

12. Chris Guthri


 Chris Guthri, founder of EntrepreneurBoost.com, is another blogger who leverages the power of feature box for his list building success. Chris is a blogger, podcaster, business coach, website flipper and an author. Chris quit his 9-5 job back in 2009 and has been making a living online since then. He suggests that there are literally hundreds of ways to make money online from Amazon and writing Kindle Books. Chris has an beautifully designed optin feature box that offers a free 10-day course to his email subscribers.

13. David Siteman Garland

Founder of Rise to the Top, David Garland is a podcaster and online business coach. He created two popular courses, Create Awesome Online Courses and Create Awesome Interviews where he taught people how to create info products and take great online interviews. David, just like the above popular bloggers, also use an Optin Feature Box to build / grow his email list.

14. Jonathan Mead

Jonathan MeadJonathan Mead, founder of Paid to Exist, is passionate about content creation, personal transformation, and helping others make the most of their lives. Like many others, he also quit his 9-5 job and claimed his freedom after launching his business where he helped people with their personal growth. On his optin feature box, Jonathan offers a toolkit containing all the important resources for aspiring entrepreneurs. For personal growth, productivity and business building, Jonathan can be a great guy to learn from.

15. Scott Dinsmore


 Scott Dinsmore is one of the most influential bloggers we have in the self-employment, online business building and money-making industry. Scott has been featured on some leading publications including TED, Forbes, FastCompany, The Washington Post and few others. He uses an amazing optin feature box on his blog containing a small word of appreciation from Leo Babauta of Zen Habits.

16. Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker, founder of Virtual Staff Finder, is a consultant, speaker and an author. Chris has a similar story of living quitting his day job to pursue a dream career in the online world. The optin feature box that he uses on ChrisDucker.com well-designed, offering a lot of free tips, strategies to his subscribers.

The usage of feature box by all these popular bloggers just goes onto prove the power of this non-intrusive optin subscription box for email marketing. So, what you are waiting for? Get your own Feature Box today and have a list building experience similar to these guys!

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  • http://www.EntrepreneurOnFire.com/ John Lee Dumas

    Wow, great article and honored to be included…thanks!

    • http://plugmatter.com/ Naimath Mujtahedi

      You’re welcome John. We’re also working on a post on Feature Box has helped some of these popular blogs by sharing some numbers / their experience with our audience. Would love it if you could be a part of it.

  • http://info.drillinginfo.com/wireline-blog/ James Hahn II

    Definitely honored to be on a list with some of the marketing OG’s I aspire to be!

    Also, thanks for putting this together. Sometimes my clients question the value of using a feature box, so this is a great resource to point them to. Thank you!

    • http://plugmatter.com/ Naimath Mujtahedi

      Awesome! It’s great to see more and more people beginning to use Feature Box for their list building. 🙂

  • Thanks for including me! Although that photo you used is over 5 years old now. I’m not sure who that Yaro is anymore 😉

    • http://plugmatter.com/ Naimath Mujtahedi

      You’re welcome. Oh okay, I just changed the photo and I’m sure you’ll know this Yaro better! 😀

  • AFhukblog

    I salute them gain popularity only to manage a blog. success always make them …

    Greetings all of Indonesian origin novice blogger

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