Optin Feature Box – The Revolutionary New Way to Rapid List Building

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Mustafa Khundmiri 4 years ago

The money lies in an email list. The number of times this has been written and claimed by leading online entrepreneurs is huge. Now, while there are hundreds of email list building methods like usage of pop-up boxes, email optin forms in sidebar, etc. the one that stands out and is proving to be game changer is an Optin Feature Box.

What is an Optin Feature Box?

Optin Feature Box

An Optin Feature Box is an email subscription form that sits right below the header / menu bar and above the content. The concept of optin feature box was first launched by Thesis, the popular WordPress framework as a small feature. They even claimed it boosted their Thesis blog subscriptions by 51.75%. It was first promoted, propagated by Derek Halpern of SocialTriggers.com. Derek even revealed that the feature box optin on his thesis based blog converted as high as 33.6%.

Several other popular bloggers and social media experts including Amy Porterfield, John Lee Dumas, Yaro Starak and many others picked it up gradually.

Not so long ago, there was very little buzz around Optin Feature Box that grabs the visitors’ attention instantly as it sits above-the-fold, and is a non-intrusive and well-designed optin box. Today, hundreds of blogs use these beautifully designed optin forms  for their WordPress blogs to grow their email subscribers.

Why Is an Optin Feature Box Unique from Other List Building Methods?

With so many influential bloggers using the feature box as their primary email list building form, the question you need to ask is – how you should get yourself a feature box today and not whether you should try it or not.

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