5 Common WordPress Problems and Their Solutions

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Kareem Mohammad 2 years ago

Have you ever felt like your WordPress experience could be smoother?

It has problems that make for jerky usage. Editing is an achingly long process.

Thankfully, some WordPress problems can be solved. Or worked around. Or have external solutions to.

Even if the solution to these small problems save you only a few moments – that’s a few moments of your time that can be spent improving content for your readers.

So here are 5 common WordPress problems, and their solutions, for you to speed up your blogging process.

1. Long Post Formatting

long post format

Problem: You’ve got a long post written up. A couple thousand words or so long. But now you’ve got to make it look nice, to put on your blog. You’ve got to add in a couple links. Place a few images. All the usual stuff you do before publishing a post.

The WordPress editor ends up being temperamental, inaccurate and clunky. You spend almost as much time formatting the post as you did writing it. It’s weighing you down.

Solution: Instead of using the WordPress editor, go ahead and do all your formatting in Word instead. When you’re done, just use our Document Importer and upload the post straight from Word – preserving all of your formattings. Simple, but effective. No need to do it twice.

There are many unsolvable WordPress problems, but this one has one of easiest solutions.

2. Managing Multiple Author Blogs


Image source – 123rf

Problem: You and a few others run a blog. It’s going well, but you want to make managing the guest posts you receive, easier. Currently. you do the bylines, editing and publishing yourself – ad hoc.

You start losing track of posts. You’re not sure what’s edited, what’s ready to be scheduled, who wrote what, when and why. Your blog is in a chaotic frenzy, and you’re lost on how it is you’re going to resolve it.

Solution: What you need is a workflow. Oasis Workflow is a great free plugin that allows you to create a workflow that suits the current process your blog uses.

Makes it easier to track a post’s progress, attribution and scheduling.

When the workflow is followed, everything runs like a well-oiled machine. No more losing posts, no more having to track it all yourself.

Just one look at the workflow let’s you review all that’s done, getting done, and needs to be done.

3. Managing an Editorial Calendar

editorial calender

Problem: You have some posts scheduled. You have some to finish. But you’re not sure if the post you just finished is this Monday’s or next Monday’s. You don’t know what to work on next.

Don’t you just wish you could take a step back, and get a bird’s eye view of your content schedule? Perhaps on a calendar?

Solution: Editorial Calendar will let you do exactly that. It’s a calendar that shows you all of your scheduled posts. You can organise them by the drag-n-drop method, however yous ee fit.

If you ever need to take stock of your scheduled posts, this is for you.

It’s free and very lightweight. It also adds a small calendar tab under posts, which you can click any time to physically see what’s scheduled, when it’s scheduled for.

To directly schedule the post from there, you can simply drag-and-drop to the appropriate date.

4. Links Looking Trustworthy

Joined Hands

Problem: You have affiliate links that you need to have on a post. But when you take a look at your links, not even you are convinced to click on them. They look dodgy, spammy and totally unrelated to your brand.

Solution: Forget ugly affiliate links with Pretty Link. You can turn your spammy-looking affiliate links into a link featuring your domain.

For example, if your domain was www.domain.com you can turn your affiliate into www.domain.com/affiliatename.

A lot better, right?

Pretty Link has both a free and premium version, with free version packing enough punch for most bloggers.

5. Finding Good Plugins

Problem: You know what you want for your blog, don’t know which plugin you need for the desired function.

Solution: This is one of the most common WordPress problems. Don’t spends hours scrolling through the WordPress plugin directory rummaging around for the perfect plugin.

Start with this instead. Ask yourself – where did you come across such a plugin. Was it another blog? A friend? An email?

If you’re looking for a plugin that another blog uses, you have two options. One, you can inspect the plugin, and it’ll more than likely have a tell-tale sign of who made it. If it doesn’t have any indication then just email the site admin – they’re mostly friendly, I promise.

Two – if you don’t find it – browse of WPBeginner’s Plugin Directory. They make the search simpler, by highlighting the best plugins for a specified function.

If you have a clear idea of what you need in mind, head right over!

As a last resort, you can dive into the WordPress.org repository If you do, these two simple tips will save you a lot of time:

  1. Pay attention to ratings. Anything under 3 stars, you may not want to bother with. They tend to be problematic below that limit.
  2. Pay attention to active downloads. This indicates how many people are using it right now, giving you a good idea of how useful the plugin is. Plus, the more active downloads, the better the support, usually.

Now that you’re equipped with solutions to these pesky WordPress problems, your blogging experience might have gotten a little easier.

You may fall in love with blogging even more, once the very things that make you frustrated with the process, all,but disappear.

Did this article help you,? Share it, and it may help others too! So you have any other problems and solutions to add ? let us know below – we’d love to hear them!

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