Top 100 WordPress Tools for WordPress Users

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Kareem Mohammad 2 years ago

Are you using right the WordPress tools for your blog?

Everyone who has a blog isn’t necessarily a blogger. The credibility of a blog is measured in terms quality and helpful content that visitors are looking for.

And your blog is no different.

It can be improved by using WordPress tools and plugins, helping you get more visitors and have a greater outreach.

What works for some needn’t necessarily work for others, depending on the necessity, and work.

For those who are looking for fun, great ways to enhance their WordPress workflow,the following WordPress tools will help.

Here is our list of 100 WordPress tools for your WordPress site:

A. Editing and Integrated Web Development Tools for WordPress

web tools

1. PHPStorm: This tool offers an editor for HTML, PHP and JavaScript. It helps in fly code analysis, automated refactorings and in error prevention.

Price: $8.90

Platform(s): Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

2. Sublime Text: It is a source code and cross platform text code editor and supports a number of programming languages. Its functionality could be extended with the use of plugins.

Price: $70

Platform(s): Mac OS X, Windows, and Ubuntu.

3. Coda: Coda is a proprietary web development application that runs on Mac OS.


Platform(s): Mac OS X.

4. Espresso: This is predominantly a text editing tool that runs on Mac OS.


Platforms(s): Mac OS X

5. Textmate: This is a general purpose text editor based on graphic user interface.

Price: €48.75

Platform(s): Mac OS X

6. Notepad++: This is a source code editor and text editor that work best on windows.

Price: Free
Platform(s): Windows

7. Textwrangler: This is a general purpose server administration and text editor tool.

Price: Free

Platforms(s): Mac OS X

B: General WordPress Tools for Marketing

marketing tools

8. Jetpack: Easy tracker while creating and publishing content. (Price: Free)

9.  Google XML: Generate XML sitemap which integrates with search engines (Price: Free)

10. Leadin: Generate easy leads (Price: Free)

11. Scribe: To integrate easily (Price: Free and premium available)

12. Taboola: Find people and convert them as leads (Price: Free)

C: WordPress List Building

feature box

13. Feature box: Easy and effective method to increase your e-mail list (Price: Free and paid)

14. Scroll triggered boxes: Lightweight plugin with slide and fade effects (Price: Free and paid)

15. Campaign monitor forms: Build unlimited customizable monitor forms. (Price: Free and paid)

16. Optin forms: Make elegant forms with stylish fonts. (Price: Free)

17. Popup: Great popup subscription box for list building. (Price: Free and paid)

D. Database Management:

database management

It is important to understand the SQL tables and the supporting tables for a WordPress developer.

18. Sequel Pro: It is one of the fast and easy to use database management system, that offers direct access to SQL databases on both remote and local servers.

Price: Free

Platform(s): Mac OS X

19. MySQL Workbench: This is a unified visual tool for web developers and database architects

Price: Free

Platforms(s): Mac OS X, Windows, Ubuntu , Fedora.

E. Hosting Tools


20. MAMP: This is a solution stack that is made of commercial software and free and open source software that gets combined to run dynamic websites.

Price: Free

Platforms:Windows, Mac OS X.

21. XAMPP: This is an cross platform web server stack package

Price: Free

Platform(s): Windows,Linux, Mac OS X.

22. Desktop server: This tool saves time in software testing, managing software and in creating completely functional website servers.

Price: Free

Platform(s): Mac OS X, Windows.

F. Utilities


23. Forklift: This is an FTP utility that locks and stores the confidential information such as web login, credit card information etc.

Price: Free

Platform(s): Mac OS X

24. Paparazzi: This is a screen capture and an photo editing tool.

Price: Free

Platform(s): Mac OS X

25. Droplr: This tool helps the WordPress page in sharing and hosting images.

Price: Free

Platform(s): Windows, Mac OS X.

26. ScreenFlow: This is a video editing tool that helps in including videos in the WP blog and helps in desktop screen capture as well.

Price: $99

Platform(s): Mac OS X

27. Firebug: It can be used for WordPress to debug and edit CSS, HTML live and JavaScript.

Price: Free

Platform(s): Firefox (plugin)

G. Site Management and Collaboration

site management

28. WP CLI: Command line tool that gets everyday work easy.(Price: Paid)

29. WP mobile: App that gets WordPress on the go. (Price: Paid)

30. Reveal IDs: Used to reveal IDs on admin pages as it was on WordPress 2.5 version. (Price: Free)

31. Simple page ordering: Helps admin order pages arbitrarily. (Price: Free)

32. Search Regex: Helps searching in all posts and replacing desired fields. (Price: Free)

33. To do list for posts: Helpful tool for to do lists.(Price: Free)

34. WP maintenance mode: Helps making changes in the website easily. (Price: Free)

35. Advanced access manager: Helps users to write sensitive content. (Price: Free and paid)

36. Advanced post manager: Helps sorting out and filtering posts. (Price: Free)

37. Dropbox: To store backup files. (Price: Free and paid)

H. Top WordPress themes

top wordpress theme

38. X the theme: Loaded with a number of advanced WP features. (Price: Paid)

39. Diva: Beautiful themes for your blog. (Price: Paid)

40. Avada: Compatible with all types of websites. (Price: Paid)

41. Bridge: Has versatile and suitable functions for all sites. (Price: Paid)

42. Salient: Creates impressive and beautiful web pages. (Price: Paid)

43. The7: Has more than 100 features. (Price: Paid)

44. Brooklyn: Offers a number of features and customization options. (Price: Paid)

45. BeTheme: Impressive and multi-purpose theme. (Price: Paid)

46. Story: Stylish and modern to get along with any site. (Price: Paid)

47. Flatsome: For e-commerce on your WP blog. (Price: Paid)

I: WordPress SEO Tools

seo tools

48. Yoast SEO: Your solution for blog optimization. (Price: Free and paid)

49. All in One SEO Pack: Optimize your blog for search engines.(Price: Free and paid)

50. Broken Link Checker: Notifies broken links and missing images if any.(Price: Free)

51. Google keyword planner: Allows you see search volume for keywords. Price: (Free and paid)

52. Semrush: For bigger and digital marketing professionals.(Price: Paid)

53. Free Google keyword suggestions. (Price: Free)

J: Security WordPress Tools

seo security

54. Wordfence: Protection from hacks and malware. (Price: Free and paid)

55. All in one Wp security and Firewall: Easy account security and good firewall functionality. (Price: Free)

56. Ithemes: Ithemes’ security plugin with brute force protection. (Price: Paid)

57.Sucuri security: Malware scanner with continuous site monitoring. (Price: Paid)

58. Bulletproof security: Effective firewall protection and security logins. (Price: Free and paid)

 K: Backup WordPress plugins

WordPress backup

59. Backupbuddy: Easy tool to backup your entire database. (Price: Paid)

60. Vaultpress: Automated scanning and backup. (Price: Paid)

61. BackWPup: File backups with database optimizations.(Price: Free and paid)

62. Updraftplus: Easy backup and restoration.(Price: Free and paid)

63. Search&Replace: Search and replace data in your database. ( Price: Free)

L. Essential WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are must have tools for a WordPress web page. Some most favorite plugins for web developers are discussed here.

WordPress plugins

64. Google map plugin: Installs maps as a widget with a shortcode. (Price: Free and paid)

65. Cufon plugin: Replaces standard fonts with beautiful and catchy fonts. (Price: Free)

66. Events calendar Pro: Helps to manage event details and upcoming events and has huge templates for customization. (Price: Paid)

67. Custom Facebook feed: Displays feed from Facebook pages and groups.(Price: Free)

68. Twitter WordPress plugin: Helps to bring real time twitter feeds into the WP site. (Price: Free)

69. WP no external links: This tool helps to mask all external links in one’s posts and comments page.(Price: Free)

70. Maintenance mode: Features funny templates to keep visitors engaged when one is offline. (Price: Free and paid)

71. Visual composer: Saves time of the user in working with the contents of the site.(Price: Free and paid)

72. Email newsletter: This is advanced bulk emailed and has heaps of features. (Price: Free)

73. Simple Twitter tweets: Displays your tweets on WordPress blogs. (Price:Free)

74. Republish Old posts: Publish old posts by resetting the date to current date. (Price:Free)

75. Custom widget areas: Helps create own widget area. (Price:Free)

76. Tiny MCE comments: Monitor and alters the comments page (Price:Free)

77. Contact form builder: To create contact forms.(Price:Free)

78. Plugmatter pricing: This is the pricing table for WordPress (Price: Free and paid)

79. Accordion Image: Helps users post images at the background (Price:Paid)

80. Quick search: Searches posts, comments and pages to the site. (Price:Paid)

81. GD star rating: Sets up rating and review system for posts and comments. (Price: Free and paid)

82. UberMenu: User-friendly mega menu plugin (Price: Paid)

83. Easy comments:New interactive and easy way for comment uploads (Price:Free)

84. SEO super comments: Creates pages on the blog for each user. (Price:Free)

85. Image drop shadow: Adds a stylish drop shadow to images. (Price: Free)

86. Post Slider: Shows posts in fancy ways. (Price: Free)

87. Annual archives: Displays daily, weekly, monthly and annual archives in a sidebar widget. (Price: Free)

88. Video player.: Tool to display videos on your blog. (Price: Free)

89. Google analyticator: Enables Google analytics log in. (Price: Free)

90. Subscribe to comments: Email notifications for subscribed comment threads. (Price: Free)

91. Social media feather: Sharing made easy on social networks. (Price: Free)

92. Threaded comment numbering: Numbers comments hierarchically and sequentially. (Price: Free)

93. WP spam free anti-spam: Useful plugin to eliminate all the spam comments. (Price: Free)

94. Simple pull quote: Helps add quotes to the blog post. (Price: Free)

95. Live comment preview plugin: Displays a live preview of the comment as you type.(Price: Free)

96. WP Ajax edit comments: Allows admin to edit comments. (Price: Free)

97. Open ID: Users could authenticate websites without creating new passwords. (Price: Free)

98. CP contact form with PayPal: Payments made easy for your users.(Price: Free and Paid)

99. WordPress banner image rotator: An easy tool to rotate images. (Price: Free)

100. WP updates notifier plugin: Email notifications for updates. (Price: Free)

The above list has a lot to offer your blogging needs that will enhance your workflow, increase your productivity, improve your blog monetization strategy, maintain a secure blog and make your blog visually appealing. So, choose what fits your blog requirements.

Let us know about your favorite WordPress plugins and tools in the comments!

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  • Nirmala Santhakumar

    Hi Kareem,

    This is an exclusive list of tools for the WP users, you have done a wonderful job. I have been using WordPress since 2012 and I would say that it is an amazing CMS with high range of flexible features. Plugins & themes play a vital role here.

    Thanks for the great list, keep your good work.

  • Ceipal

    Another good read. We use some of the plugins you’ve mentioned. We use the Yoast SEO plugin on all of our WordPress websites which allows for optimization of the post.

    Thanks again for the time you took to put this together.

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